Data & Personalisation – the key to effective lead nurturing for B2b marketers

John Hornell
John Hornell

Like Ant & Dec, Data and Personalisation go very much hand in glove. A recent eConsultancy/Adobe Quarterly Intelligence Briefing 2015 in a survey of some 2,500 respondens identified Big Data and Personalisation as two of the most exciting marketing opportunities in 5 years’ time versus 2015. Personally I wouldn’t wait that long! The tools exist today for marketers to develop marketing programs rooted in data analysis, allowing targeted personalised marketing based on a deep understanding of user’s online behaviours to drive more effective lead nurturing programs.

Marketing has certainly become increasingly programmatic in recent years and marketing automation tools have become more accessible for companies of all sizes, giving them the ability to gather and interpret rich marketing data, allowing personalisation of online experiences.

Adoption of these techniques however are still in their infancy for many business sectors. Technology companies have been the trailblazers in adopting marketing automation, but across the board a recent Venturebeat article suggested overall market penetration was around 5%. So we are really only now getting past that first wave of early adopters.

The good news is that marketing software tools like Hubspot have matured significantly in recent years and now offer a depth and breadth of functionality that is hard to beat across marketing and sales automation. Check out G2 Crowd, a website that offers independent reviews of the key players in the market.

Closer to home, my own recent analysis of 25 funded Scottish technology companies identified that only one was utilising a marketing automation system to support its marketing efforts. It is an indication of perhaps a lack of depth in marketing technology deployment and data interpretation as a basis for marketing decision making at a more local level.

For Scottish companies to compete effectively on the global stage an investment in transforming digital marketing and sales processes is urgently needed. The opportunity to drive increased sales and reduce customer acquisition costs can be achieved through adoption of the latest digital marketing technologies, driving global reach and offering the ability to cost effectively scale marketing programs to meet growth objectives.

The Why

Data and personalisation are about driving more meaningful and targeted engagements with buyers. Just as Amazon and other leading online consumer brands use data to serve up the products and services that they believe will be of most interest to us based on our demographic profile, browsing and buyer behaviour, B2b marketers can use similar techniques to drive lead nurturing programs to deliver more qualified lead and sales.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the relationship between buyers and sellers. The buyer is in control and it is our job to attract, engage, convert and delight them. The competitive environment is stiff, and marketers need to use all of the tools at their disposal to outsmart the competition and be more relevant to their audience. Using the rich marketing data that is available to create the most relevant, timely engagements with prospects and customers is already being used by forward thinking organisations around the globe.

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