John Hornell
John Hornell

At Quantify, we strive to ensure that our services positively impact our clients. There’s truly no better feeling than seeing your hard work pay off in a tangible way: seeing your clients’ processes become more streamlined and saving their team time as a direct result of the work that you do for them.

It’s for this reason that we are submitting our work with Lapcabby for Hubspot’s 2016 Sales Enablement Award. We feel that our project for Lapcabby is proof of our dedication to providing our clients with the best possible solutions.

What challenges did the client face before we started working with them?

Lapcabby is a company that specialises in ICT storage and their innovative storage carts are sold in the USA,UK,Canada, Australia and many other countries around the globe. While their products are impressive, their team was struggling to deal with the different sales pipelines and processes that were needed in order to correctly monitor sales, close deals and report on both marketing and sales efforts. It became difficult to keep up with the various marketing strategies, sales pipelines and regional specific processes that come with having an international target market.

What did we do to help?

Before putting anything into place, we needed to ensure that Lapcabby understood the inbound marketing processes and what specifically our services entailed. We had a detailed briefing call with them in order to identify a comprehensive strategy that would suit their unique needs.

We collected and reviewed all their existing data to pinpoint exactly what their processes were producing with regard to average leads, qualified leads and other statistics, which would help us to create better strategies.

The different regions that Lapcabby operate in – as well as the partners, resellers and distributors they work alongside in these regions – presented the team with an additional challenge above and beyond just setting up a CRM. But then again, there’s nothing better than a challenge and the project provided a great learning and enjoyable experience for all involved.

After reviewing their data and talking through Lapcabby’s sales processes, our team identified nine individual pipelines and created a strategy for each one of them respectively. Our digital consultants went on to set up the different pipelines and deal stages in the Hubspot CRM. Workflows were created for their staff to follow, which enabled them to work smarter rather than harder – saving time and creating an alignment between their sales and marketing teams in what Hubspot likes to call a “smarketing” strategy.

All their data was cleaned, filtered and imported into Hubspot into custom fields. We held various training calls with the sales and marketing teams to ensure that they were clued up on the different pipeline strategies and workflows, as well as the two Hubspot products that we introduced – the Hubspot CRM and the Hubspot reporting add-on.

Why was it successful?

Our work with Lapcabby proved to be a success as a result of the strategies and workflows that we created for each individual pipeline. This helped them to save their sales team time, which enabled them to close the loop between the sales and marketing team. Lapcabby could now focus on how many leads the marketing team needed to generate and how fast the sales team needed to act on these  leads to acquire them – a proven formula for higher ROI.

Collecting all data and sales processes and placing them in the Hubspot CRM, means that they can access all these essential components from a single dashboard. We also used the Hubspot reporting add-on, which gives the sales and marketing team a simple route to the reports from the sales data. These statistics provide a clear picture for the staff to see where their leads are coming from, what their conversion rate is – overall determining what is working for them and what isn’t.

We are incredibly proud of our team that worked with Lapcabby to help them further improve their sales and marketing processes, resulting in an overall positive impact on the company. We believe that we’ve done a great job – what do you think?

Image credit: NEP

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